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Proactively engage employees with their benefits

Pasito’s automated and data-driven employee benefits communication software engages your members at scale to drive better health and wealth outcomes.

Reach the right individuals

It’s not effective to blast all employees about all of your programs. Pasito integrates data across sources to segment each member of your population into personalized health and benefits tracks.

Engage members at the right time

Your team is busy, just like your employees. Pasito surfaces health plan coverage, wellness reminders, and point solutions throughout the year to keep benefits top of mind. We engage all members – spouses and dependents included – based on health, wealth, and life events.

Connect through the channels your employees love

Employees have different preferences in how they receive communications. Pasito reaches employees in the channels they already use day in, day out.

Drive Outcomes For Your Benefits Program

Learn more about how you can proactively engage employees with their health and financial benefits.