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Drive Smarter Benefits Elections

Empower employees with data-driven benefits navigation during open enrollment, new employee onboarding, and qualifying life events.

Cover all benefits with one navigation software

Benefits information and education is fragmented across vendors, creating friction and a poor experience for your employees. Pasito guides employees to better benefits elections across health, financial wellness, and voluntary insurance to create a holistic benefits plan for each employee.

Show the personalized value of your benefits

If employees don’t understand how they can save and protect their families, everyone leaves money on the table. We project premium and tax savings and visualize account growth to emphasize the savings potential of HSAs, FSAs, 401(k)s, and lower cost health plans.

Compare current elections and health utilization data

Getting employees to take action is easier when they can see how their health plan and other elections will impact them financially. Pasito shows employees prior year health plan utilization and compares projected out-of-pocket costs for their new elections.

Run scenarios to help with decisions

It’s impossible to predict a person’s health needs for the future. Pasito empowers employees to evaluate plan options under different scenarios and select the option that fits their risk tolerance.

Get Employees Into The Right Benefits

Learn how you can increase the overall return from your benefits program through smarter benefits decisions.