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for everyone

Pasito is the first and only software that helps your employees proactively save on taxes while increasing benefit engagement.

Why using Pasito makes sense

See what’s possible with personalized employee tax guidance.

Status Quo

  • You struggle to answer employees’ individual tax-related questions.
  • You scramble at the end of the year to meet compliance requirements.
  • Everyone loses out without optimizing their tax bill.
  • You deal with clunky spreadsheets to show the impact of benefits packages.
  • Lose top talent without communicating the value of your well-designed benefits package.


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  • Employees receive personalized tax and benefits guidance throughout the year.
  • Increase contributions from non-highly compensated employees.
  • Everyone unveils hidden tax savings.
  • Meet compliance requirements and support DEI initiatives in one comprehensive app.
  • Attract and retain top talent by showing them you’re invested in their financial health.

Our users agree

What does a Pasito partnership look like?

“Extremely easy onboarding process . . . Painless!” — Mai Xiong, Benefits Coordinator

Get set up

Our dedicated team will take care of the heavy lifting. Get up and running in no time.

Onboard employees

We provide company-branded materials to help your employees get the benefit out of their benefits.

Measure results & maximize impact

Track benefits enrollment and contribution amounts across accounts. Leverage these results to attract and retain top talent.

Still got questions?
We’ve got answers.

Pasito works with dependent care flexible spending accounts (DCFSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and 401(k)s. We’re constantly adding new features. So, you’ll see this list grow in the near future.

Yes, all company employees are eligible to use Pasito’s software. We can also tailor access to benefit-eligible employees.

Pasito makes tax optimization available to ALL employees, not just the highly compensated. This means you’ll improve your chances of passing non-discriminiation tests because you’re increasing benefits adoption and utilization across the board.

Proactive tax planning is typically reserved for those with the means to afford expensive tax planning services. Through Pasito, non-highly compensated employees will receive personalized proactive tax planning, helping you meet your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion goals.

No. We’re a trusted third-party provider adhering to strict security protocol and meeting all data protection regulations. We do not share personal employee financial information with employers. We only share aggregate analytics with employers. 

We’ll let our outstanding NPS score of 79 speak for itself.

And here are a few quotes from real users: 

“[Pasito provided] helpful breakdowns of options, pros and cons for dependent care, and clear explanations of each.” – Employee


“It was really nice to have a place to direct employees when financial and tax-related questions came up.” – Leanna Lilly, Senior Benefits Manager 

“We found Pasito to be an invaluable part of our benefits this year and enjoy working with the Pasito team.” – Mai Xiong, Benefits Coordinator