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Make Your Benefits Work For You,
Every Day

Pasito is the easiest way to get the right benefits to each team member at the right time.

Engaging employees is increasingly complex

Together we can cut through the noise
of employees find their benefits confusing
of employees are not up-to-date on preventive care
of workers are not on track to retire
of employers expect benefits costs to increase

Meet your employees where they are

Pasito supports your employees with personalized and proactive communications, nudging them to the most important actions to increase satisfaction and reduce costs.

Why Pasito

Keeping your benefits top of mind year-round is challenging. We can help. Pasito enhances your benefits experience and increases the value of each individual program.

Lower health and benefits costs

Helping employees select the right contributions, getting them to preventive health visits, and guiding members through life events are some of the strategies Pasito uses to reduce claims and taxes. 

Personalized experience for your employees

Many models out there rely on the employee making a first move. Pasito combs through data and pushes targeted communications to employees to drive engagement across your benefits program.

Simplified program management

With the rising number of benefits programs offered, you need to manage more service providers, respond to more questions, and your employees hear from multiple sources. We reduce the communications burden across vendors.

Boost engagement and productivity

More employees use their benefits because they receive timely reminders and relevant communications throughout the year. With more preventive health visits, and savings reminders, employees save money and time allowing them to focus on their work.

“We saw a lot in savings and employees came to me saying they felt more empowered and confident in their benefits decisions. Pasito is a huge advantage for us.”

– Megan, Sr HR Leader

Increase the health and wealth outcomes and overall return from your benefits program through smarter benefits decisions.