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Your Personal Guide For Health And Financial Benefits

Pasito intimately understands your whole benefits package and navigates you to the benefits you need at the right time.

Staying on top of your benefits is like a second job

You’re busy with work and life. The last thing you want is to spend hours researching your healthcare coverage or lose money because you didn’t know the rules of your plan.

Squeeze the most out of your benefits package

Pasito combines your data with your employer’s benefits package to send you personalized notifications reminding you when you’re leaving money on the table and when to get the care you already paid for. We navigate you to the actions that matter most to improve your long-term health and financial outcomes.

Why Pasito

Reduce Your Mental Load

It’s tough to remember every little thing on your list. Pasito prompts you to book appointments, review beneficiaries, submit receipts, meet deadlines, and more.

Reach A Human

If you need more help, you can reach a Pasito Coach anytime. We can help you make sense of your benefits so you can get the most out of them quickly and easily.

Extend Your Paycheck

Know how much you’re expected to spend and save for your health needs, run different scenarios, and maximize your savings with Pasito’s software.

A Secure Third Party

Pasito understands the importance of keeping your data secure and not sharing with your employer. We meet the highest standards in data privacy and security.

I didn’t know I even had access to half of these benefits. Working with Pasito has saved me money and time, and made me realize how valuable my benefits are.

-Chris, Account Manager

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