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We’re on a mission to empower financial health through better health and pre-tax decisions. Will you join us?

It’s about transparency

Health plans and pre-tax savings accounts are hard to navigate. Too many people leave money on the table because of it. By making health benefits more transparent, we’re empowering people to own their financial wellness.

It’s about the experience

HR tech in and of itself doesn’t make the experience. It’s the humans behind it that do. Our team of humans believes in providing delightful experiences to employers and employees alike.

It’s about being approachable

Pasito acts as an extension of your employee benefits. We know that benefit access alone doesn’t guarantee adoption. We integrate with your existing benefits stack and grow adoption by making your benefits approachable.

From New York to Chile

We’re a fast-growing startup with team members across the Americas. Headquartered in New York, we are a remote-first company. 


Female-founded. Minority-owned. Mission-driven.
Pauline Roteta

Pauline Roteta

Co-founder & CEO

Pauline Roteta brings to Pasito extensive experience in private investing, finance, growth and operations. Prior to Pasito, Pauline was a Senior Investor and Portfolio Manager at BlackRock. Pauline is a Fulbright Scholar, Certified Financial Planner®, and Entrepreneur-In-Residence at The Capital Network. She holds a B.Eng. from Vanderbilt University.


Julie Scotland

Co-founder & CGO

Julie Scotland started Pasito after a successful career in technology, startups, and marketing. Before Pasito, Julie ran Migration Marketing Consulting, where she led go-to-market and growth marketing strategies for funded technology startups. Previously, Julie led the MyCase Marketing team at SaaS technology unicorn AppFolio.

Ignacio Ampuero

Co-founder & CTO

Ignacio Ampuero joined Pasito after close to a decade working with product engineering and security for startup, growth, and tech companies. Before Pasito, Ignacio worked in software development and security at Amazon. Previously, he was an engineer at the Amazon-acquired tech startup, Graphiq.

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