Pasito delivers financial wellness by building inclusive employee benefits for the modern parent

Our Story

In 2020, Pauline moved in with her older sister for a couple of months after the birth of her niece Sophia. In the closeness of her sister’s apartment, Pauline experienced the joys of parenting and the stress of making important financial decisions on no sleep.

At the same time, Julie welcomed her new daughter after five years of trying to conceive thanks to IVF (which was made possible through an employee benefit). Julie has always believed that if we can provide support to parents, we can empower them to raise happy, healthy, and safe children.

Pasito was born out of our parallel personal experiences and desire to better financial wellness for families.


Female-founded. Minority-owned. Mission-driven.

Pauline Roteta

Pauline Roteta

Co-Founder & CEO, Pasito

Aunt to Teo and Sophia

Pauline Roteta brings to Pasito extensive experience in private investing, finance, growth and operations. Prior to Pasito, Pauline was a Senior Investor and Portfolio Manager at BlackRock. Pauline is a Fulbright Scholar and Fellow at The Capital Network. She holds a B.Eng. from Vanderbilt University.


Julie Scotland

Co-Founder & CMO, Pasito

Mom to Mary (and dog Blue)

Julie Scotland comes from a successful career in technology, startups, and marketing leadership. She is also a new mom. Before Pasito, Julie ran Migration Marketing Consulting, where she led go-to-market and growth marketing strategies for funded technology startups. Previously, Julie led the MyCase Marketing team at SaaS technology unicorn AppFolio.

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