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Centralize all your benefits
in one place

Integrate your benefits intranet, communications, and decision support to improve employee satisfaction and program ROI

A personalized benefits experience

Our app guides employees to smarter benefits elections and keeps your programs top of mind year-round.

Employee Benefits Intranet

Centralize all of your benefits in a mobile-friendly application.

Employee Benefits Communication Software

Engage members with timely and tailored nudges to meet individual financial and health goals.

Benefits Decision Support

Guide employees to more informed health and financial benefits decisions.

What makes Pasito unique

Deep data

No matter which technology and benefits you offer, we do the heavy lifting on the data. Data analytics informs every personalized message your team receives.

All benefits,
not just health

Employees expect a seamless experience across their benefits package. Pasito finds opportunities and guides employees across health, wealth, and life offerings.

not reactive

Competitors rely on the employee
making the first move. Pasito combs through data and pushes targeted communications to employees to drive engagement.

Security you can trust

We are committed to the highest standards of data security and privacy. Pasito is HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 certified.

When we win, you win

Our mission is to deliver better health and financial outcomes for employees and their families.
Aligned incentives deliver better results.


Increase the return on your benefits investments

Benefits Consultants

Maximize value and employee engagement for your clients


Deliver personalization to members and cut client costs


Save money and stay healthy with your personalized benefits guide

“Pasito has 100% made my life easier. The savings have been great and our employees feel empowered and confident with their benefits decisions.”
– Megan, HR Leader

See how you can offer a delightful benefits experience.