Benefits decision support that saves everyone money

Pasito delivers a more engaged workforce while saving companies money on payroll and healthcare costs.

Employees happy they saved money with low premium high deductible plan (HDHP).


Why Pasito?

Personalize employee benefits

Offer a better employee experience with benefits guidance tailored to each team member’s unique family, financial, and life circumstances.

Combine health and wealth

Pasito’s benefits enrollment software gives employees one point of contact for health plan selection and pre-tax benefits.

Increase savings with low premium high deductible plan (HDHP)

Increase savings all around

With proactive pre-tax benefits guidance, employees save thousands on taxes, while companies lock in payroll and health premium savings.

Reduce compliance risk

Pasito engages all employees, increasing contribution levels and reducing the risk of compliance test failures at year-end.

An amazing benefits experience for everyone


Choose and use your benefits with confidence

Financial wellness is never out of reach. Pasito provides personalized benefits guidance tailored to your unique life circumstances to help you achieve success. You’ll get support understanding and adjusting benefit contributions, saving you thousands each year. All in one platform. No more fishing around vendors.

Saving money with low premium high deductible plan (HDHP)


Scale employee guidance without scaling your operations

Route employee questions about health plan selection, tax-advantaged programs, and qualified life events to Pasito, reducing your people operations lift. Engage the entire company to reduce compliance risk.


Reduce your payroll and health premiums

Promote the value of your Health Savings Account program at scale, in a personalized way. Give your employees a salary increase from pre-tax savings and maximize the return on your benefit investments.
Reduce healthcare costs with low premium high deductible plan (HDHP)
Show value of low premium high deductible plans (HDHP)


Communicate the value of your benefits to attract and retain talent

Communicate the value of benefits at scale and improve your branding as an employer. Support your employees year-round so they can be productive at work, no matter what is happening at home.

Employees and employers love Pasito