A financial wellness solution that
tackles compliance needs

Employees make better tax and benefit decisions while you meet your compliance needs. All in one software.

Industry leaders trust Pasito

Get actionable benefits guidance that unveils tax savings

You can have the best benefits plan out there. But if your employees don’t understand how to best use them, it’s a waste of time and money.
There are hidden savings for you and your employees waiting to be discovered within tax-efficient benefits, like health savings accounts and 401(k)s.
With proactive benefits guidance from Pasito, employees can save thousands on income taxes by optimizing their contribution levels. And as an employer, you save on payroll taxes.

We’re helping employers and employees lift the curtain on available savings to improve financial wellness. One benefit at a time.

Tax savings aren’t the only upside to using Pasito

Attract and retain top talent
Communicating the value of your benefits is critical to attracting your next hire. Showing employees you care and are invested in their financial wellness will help you attract and retain top talent.
Increase benefits usage and adoption
With Pasito, everyone gets help with their tax planning. This increases benefits usage and adoption across the board, helping you meet non-discrimination requirements.
Reduce HR administrative headaches

Let us handle complex, tax-related questions. We provide personalized, engaging benefits guidance for employees to free up valuable HR resources.

Provide personalized benefits guidance. Get better business results.

Stay ahead of competition

of employers are adding benefits to stand out in the competitive job market.
Source: Forbes

Attract high-potential employees

of job seekers would take a lower-paying job that offers better benefits.
Source: Forbes

Retain employees

of employees would likely remain with their employer because of their benefits.
Source: Willis Towers Watson

How Pasito is different from other HR tech solutions


Measure benefits usage and adoption to meet compliance requirements and support DEI initiatives.

Tax savvy

No other HR tech software offers proactive tax planning as a benefit. Simply put, we make taxes work for your employees.


Guidance is tailored to each employee’s unique family circumstances, allowing them to unveil the personalized value of their benefits.

Find out how Pasito can help your employees save thousands on taxes