Benefits guidance for
employee financial health

Support working families, save money, and retain happier employees

Increase the bottom line by offering your employees benefits that attract, retain, and empower diverse talent to thrive

How Pasito is different from other benefit providers


Families receive inclusive support tailored to the needs of bipoc, lgbtq+, and caregiver communities


Families access holistic financial wellness support throughout their care journey

Human + Tech

We combine humans and technology to maximize overall impact for employees


Empowering parents and delivering financial wellness is personal to us


Our benefits are easy to roll out and use, maximizing utilization and return on investment

Customer Success

We ensure your business and your families are supported every step of the way

Parents face unique challenges in the workplace
  • Parents are overloaded with financial decisions
  • Child care is often more expensive than a family’s mortgage
  • Work is challenging without the right care set up

Parents are superheroes Supporting them makes business sense

Provide family-friendly benefits and support, get better business results

You’ll attract high potential employees

of parents say employer-provided child care benefits are important

Your employees will be a lot more productive

is the average amount of time employees spend dealing with financial matters at work

You’ll retain your employees longer

women are considering leaving the workforce or downshifting their careers due to the cost of care

Ready to support your employees on their parenting journey?